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Companies and individual inventors are increasingly finding the benefits of outsourcing some or all of the stages of technical product development, prototype/specialist manufacture, marketing, and related financial and other support services to specialist consultants. This flexible approach reduces the need to obtain additional human and material resources, on a long-term commitment basis, which may not be required once the project is completed. Focused specialist subcontracting can often shorten project start-up times and learning curves. And it allows you to concentrate on the key aspects of the business where you can contribute the most.

Staplethorne is an independent specialist company, at the hub of a network of tried and trusted suppliers of technical goods and services. We can thus focus on your individual needs, providing a high degree of personal attention. Our wide range of expert services allows us to offer a practical 'one-stop-shop' approach so that you only need one point of contact to ensure that your project is proceeding as you wish. We are your technical consultant in Devon.

The Staplethorne team has wide multidisciplinary experience of simple and complex projects, short and long term, local and international.

Recent projects include:

Key technical skills include X-ray (XRF) and gamma-ray physics and high count rate low noise analogue electronics as applied to total system/product design, medical diagnostic instrumentation design, and weight sensing for security and other applications.

Our integral product development, commercialisation and general business support experience may help you avoid many of the pitfalls that carrying out a technical project totally in-house may produce, particularly if you are a company undergoing innovative change and/or your resources are stretched.

Our fee structures are cost-effective, flexible, and can sometimes be based on shared financial risks and rewards. Our team is skilled, reliable and committed to quality and integrity.

Staplethorne are able to provide support at any stage of product development whether on small or big projects local or international short or long term.

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