We are a technical research, product development and marketing company that provides specialist products and R&D services to meet technical needs across a wide range of markets.

June 2016: Staplethorne Ltd (in Devon) is selling a range of used R&D X-ray and vacuum equipment. This includes: a 320KV radiation chamber (set up for R&D with 320KV X-ray tube and Ge detectors), Ge & Si(Li) detectors, vacuum pumps and gauges, and a NIM crate and modules. Please contact xrays@staplethorne.co.uk or Tel: + 44 (0)1404 42455 for further information if of interest.

Used R&D X-ray and Vacuum Equipment List.
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Services include:

  • Technical research specialising in physics, electronics and software for: non-contacting measurement of elemental content (XRF); biomedical signals acquisition for medical devices; security applications of load sensing; identification tagging technology; and technical project consultancy generally.

  • Product development, delivering solutions from concept to completion - often in collaborative projects. We offer an 'incubator' product R&D and project management service.

  • Marketing, including representation of UK and overseas companies.

    Products and Opportunities include:

  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analysis systems and EDXRF analytical services for industry and the research laboratory.

    Product roll-out partners and customers are sought for the following:

  • Alpha-Active Ltd's portable EEG for brain wave monitoring
    Specially designed robust, pocket EEG technology for enhancement of concentration, for neuroscience and cognitive studies, for relaxation and focus, for increased sports performance ('getting in the zone'), neural therapies etc in the user's natural environment.

  • Cardiac diagnostic devices
    The company is active in the field of electrophysiology through Medilec Ltd and digital electronic stethoscope research and has a number of technologies at the prototype stage.

  • Xtra-Sense Security systems for objects on display
    Xtra-Sense Ltd makes discreet and reliable alarm systems for protecting items on display without the need to attach security tags etc. European marketing partners are sought to build on our UK success.

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