Price-performance breakthrough in elemental analysis

Are you responsible for elemental (chemical) analysis and/or quality control in your organisation?

If so, you will be well aware of the financial rewards to your organisation of using an appropriate and cost-effective solution for measuring what you need to control.

For this reason, we are providing you with the information on the latest in the Jordan Valley range of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) elemental analysers which are supplied and supported here in the UK by Staplethorne.

Jordan Valley manufactures an innovative range of high quality energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometers that are setting new standards in performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. These are used for the non-destructive analysis of the multi-elemental composition of a wide range of materials - rapidly providing essential information to laboratories, process control managers, etc. With increasing demands on quality, and the rising costs of materials and labour, these simple to operate Windows © - based XRF instruments, with their minimal sample preparation requirements, provide reliable answers with a minimum of fuss and maintenance.

These XRF products offer the following benefits:

    Presenting a full range of high quality XRF elemental analysis systems to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets


    Desktop Elemental XRF Analyser: EX-310

  • low cost, high performance desktop EDXRF spectrometer

  • analyse Mg-U with or without standards

  • high resolution (<250eV) Si-semiconductor X-ray detector

  • thermoelectrically cooled, no LN2 needed

  • solenoid controlled air, He-purge, or vacuum conditions

  • high precision multi-sample changer

  • eight computer-selectable filters for high sensitivity

  • easy-to-use powerful Windows software

  • low cost of labour (non-technical staff can operate)

  • very low cost of consumables for most applications


    Industrial XRF Spectrometer: EX-3600

  • moderately priced direct XRF excitation configuration

  • analyse Na-U with or without standards

  • sensitivity from ppm to major elements

  • 150eV resolution Si(Li) detector

  • 50kV front-anode end-window X-ray tube

  • eight computer-selectable filters for high sensitivity

  • large sample chamber

  • sample spinner and automatic changer

  • easy-to-use powerful Windows software

  • upgradeable to EX-6600

  • robust and well proven technology


    Advanced XRF Spectrometer: EX-6600

  • patented optics with secondary targets, for direct or secondary excitation (STE)

  • analyse Na-U with or without standards

  • front-anode, end-window X-ray tube for stability and durability

  • 8 filters/secondary targets for ultimate flexibility

  • highest sensitivity and selectivity

  • sample spinner and automatic changer

  • easy-to-use powerful Windows software



The EX-3600LS large sample analyser

    Large Sample Capability

  • available on EX-3600 & EX-6600

  • samples up to 25cmH 97cmW 66cmL in size

  • sample weight capacity up to 30kg

    Light Element Option

  • available on EX-3600 & EX-6600

  • analysis of elements down to oxygen

    Standard Sample Holders

  • autosamplers of various capacities

  • liquid sample capability

    Liquid Nitrogen-free Detectors

  • available on all models


Jordan Valley is a long established Israeli company, with a major subsidiary in Texas and expert technical representatives throughout Europe and many other trading areas. Staplethorne, their UK representative, is a company that carries out technical research, product development, and marketing of instrumentation for non-contacting/non-intrusive elemental analysis. We are also capable of creating specific application procedures and adapting products to meet specific customer needs, and offer UK-based service and support.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about EDXRF

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