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30th May 2006 : Staplethorne announces 'Entente Cordiale' with Imartec SARL

Staplethorne Ltd, a technical product development company based in Honiton, Devon, UK, has announced that they are teaming up with Imartec SARL, an electronics design consultancy based in Biscarrosse near Bordeaux, in order to offer an extended range of product development services to their clients.

Imartec is headed up by Dr Mathieu Cassen. After completing a degree in electronics and computer engineering at the University of Bordeaux in 1994, Mathieu obtained a BEng degree at the University of Brighton. He then went on to do DPhil research at the University of Sussex on cardiac ambulatory mapping. In 1997, Mathieu joined Keith Barfoot at Staplethorne to be responsible for electronic product design, with particular emphasis on medical instrumentation. He then returned to France for family reasons and later set up his own electronics design company, Imartec SARL near Bordeaux, which works closely with Staplethorne. Imartec have expertise in design of electronics hardware, firmware, and software as well as customer support servicing and product testing to major companies.

Mathieu stated: 'I have a good working relationship with Keith and the spirit of trust that exists between us, both technically and professionally, allows the two companies to work effectively together. Staplethorne’s wide contacts in business, industry, academia, and the clinical fields plus their project management experience means that Imartec can focus on the engineering design and delivery whilst Staplethorne introduces and project-manages the opportunities.'

As Keith Barfoot, Staplethorne's MD added: 'With direct budget flights between Bristol and Bordeaux, a visit to Imartec is often quicker and cheaper than a trip to the north of England, and you have the benefit of the weather, beaches and wine of Bordeaux for those rare leisure moments. Also, there other benefits in the Bordeaux connection, such as access to components and services etc., not available locally. It may also be the case that we could be of help to UK technology companies wishing to enter the French market for the first time or vice versa.'

Staplethorne has a portfolio of exciting technical development and marketing projects at various stages of maturity. Some are in-house and some are the result of partnerships. We are keen to establish further business partnerships with others who are able to offer funding and/or manufacturing and technical/market expertise and resources, or technology transfer of ideas or developed products. We are also happy to discuss strategic corporate alliances.

Staplethorne Ltd was formed in February 1996 by a team of highly experienced product development and marketing personnel. Its activities are split into three functional areas:

and three main market sectors (though we are often involved in a wider range of areas):

Product development work encompasses the development of both our own technologies into marketable products, and the development of external ideas into new products either through partnership agreements, or by acting as sub-contractors and consultants.

Manufacturing is largely via a network of specialist companies, with high-level assembly and tests being carried out in-house

Marketing activities incorporate the marketing and sales of products developed in-house, and of products secured through agency agreements.

The company has won a number of awards including two DTI SMART awards for medical device research.

award photo
Dr Keith Barfoot and Mathieu Cassen receiving a DTI Smart Award for innovation from TV's Local Heroes presenter Adam Hart-Davis

Dr Keith Barfoot
Managing Director
30th May 2006

For further information, please contact Staplethorne Ltd:

Dr Keith M Barfoot
Managing Director
Staplethorne Ltd
2 Devonshire Court, Heathpark
Honiton, Devon, EX14 1SB, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1404 42455
Fax: +44 (0)1404 41455

Or Imartec SARL:

Dr Mathieu Cassen
Managing Director
Imartec SARL
52 rue Diamant, Appt n°5, 40600 Biscarrosse, FRANCE
Tel/Fax : +33 (0)5 58 82 07 65

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