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Developing fractionation the new wave in cardiac electrophysiology


PEFA®: Predicting Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD)
Medilec Ltd is a medical product company that is leading the development of a patented cardiac electrophysical (EP) analysis software method and related instrumentation for the prediction of levels of risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) a major cause of death. This condition is also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

Medilec's innovative EP product, called PEFA®, benefits from extensive published academic clinical research by the original inventor, Dr Richard Saumarez and his collaborators, and derives from British Heart Foundation (BHF) funded research at St Georges Hospital, London. This was then followed by Medilec led commercial research conducted in collaboration with Papworth Hospital and the University of Cambridge.

Medilec Ltd owns a portfolio of resulting intellectual property rights, including granted patents.

The PEFA® technology has benefited from a number of development stages, some of which have been funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Shareholder's in Medilec include the directors, Papworth Hospital NHS Trust and the University of Cambridge.

Further Stages of Development

Having developed and patented the the IP, Medilec is now seeking a commercial partner to bring the PEFA® technology to market. Medilec would also consider a licensing/assignment or sale of its IP.

It is anticipated that there would be a number of further stages of development:

1) Complete the development and CE-marking of a commercial PEFA® product for non-coronary market use, and to locate it in a clinical user setting as a point of reference.

2) Commercially launch PEFA® in Europe for non-coronary applications (i.e. for patients who are born with the 'substrate' for SCD, rather than those who develop it following coronary problems).

3) Clinical trials (mostly in the USA) in post-coronary applications and in gaining FDA approvals for both non-coronary and coronary use.

Staplehtorne Ltd has had continuing involvement with the creation and furhter development of Medilec Ltd

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